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If you’re a semi-regular listener of The Bloodsucking Feminists1 , or just a follower on Twitter you may have figured out that one of my favourite musicals – perhaps tied only with Beauty and the Beast – is Tanz der Vampire.

Based on a (personally) rather ‘meh’ movie by Roman Polanski (ugh), with music by Jim Steinman and lyrics by Michael Kunze, it’s the tale of a handful of humans who wind up at the castle of Graf von Krolock just in time for the dance of the vampires.

Unfortunately, it’s an Austrian musical, and while it has been translated from German into a number of languages, English is not one of them what do you mean there was a Broadway version? There was no Broadway version. And besides, I live all the way down in New Zealand, so to see Tanz der Vampire in person I would have to go to Europe. And that’s expensive.

So instead I watch things like the Bal Vampirov trailer, with its glorious Russian costumes and my second favourite Herbert2. The nice thing about this is the trailer is all instrumental, so you don’t need to understand Russian to get the gist of it. So much swirling and spinning and capes!

Herbert von Krolock

Herbert’s got amazing cape game

So go on, watch the trailer. After all: the vampires invite you to dance.

  1. Your number one Kiwi-Scottish podcast focussed on the three Fs: fangs, feminism, and fangirling
  2. It goes Marc Liebisch, Kirill Gordeev, Tim Reichwein. My favourite Graf von Krolock? Drew Sarich

Catherine is a writer, reader, and general internet person from New Zealand. As well as designing book covers, she is one of the editors for Bibliodaze and one half of the vampire-themed podcast The Bloodsucking Feminists.

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